Hi, I'm Sean, founder of Walkiees and I'm asking for your support. Since launching in 2012 Walkiees has grown into the UK's most popular place to find and share dog walks. We have over 1000 walks with listings in every county in England and most of Scotland and Wales.

Lockdown has seen a huge increase in owners finding and sharing dog walks and we're on course for over a million visitors this year. This is amazing, but with it comes increased costs. Servers, image hosting, email services and development costs, which have all been covered by myself for the past 8 years, are on a sharp rise.

Walkiees has been free to use since launch. It doesn't hide content behind a paywall or litter you with Google ads and it certainly doesn't share your data. It should stay this way.

I'm writing to ask if you would consider making a small donation to support the goal of keeping Walkiees a free-to-use service. Any donation will go towards covering running costs and funding future development and new features.

You, the dog owners, have made Walkiees what it is today with your generous sharing of wonderful walks and with your support we can keep Walkiees running as an open, free service for everyone to enjoy.

With many thanks,


Sean Hill
Walkiees Founder

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As a thank you, members who donate will get the Supporter tag added to their profile, and will get notified of any exclusive discounts and deals we can offer.