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🌱 Made from sustainable Cork Leather — You're not only getting a product that is sustainable but also makes your dog stand out. The FollowPaw products have a unique and beautiful cork structure that makes you win every style competition.

🐾 A product for a lifetime — FollowPaw products are made to last. They come with high-quality metal parts and durable cork leather. Its 4-layer construction provides a great amount of strength to make every adventure a safe one.

🔗 High-quality metal parts — FollowPaw Products are equipped with the highest quality metal parts that work in every situation. Use one of the three triangular D-rings to shorten the leash to the length you need.

Responsibly made from Cork — Our products are made from Cork Leather. The Cork we use is harvested by local experts that have been doing this work for generations. The trees can live at least for 200 years. Once their bark is removed they collect up to five times more CO2.

People and animal-friendly — We want our community to know that our goals as a company reflect our principles as people. Our products might be for pets, but we care for all living beings. We wish to build a community that is kind and tolerant towards each other.

Made in Europe with lots of love — As a company, we value local production and reduce the transportation routes to the bare minimum. From the main material of our products to the production and sewing of them, all are made in Portugal.

Eco-friendly production — The goal for all our products is simple: to be as sustainable as possible. We are continuously looking for new materials, new production processes, and new ways to recycle and reuse excess/used materials.
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FollowPaw is the dog accessory brand for tech-savvy dog lovers. We make dog collars that are compatible with Apple AirTags. A must-have for dog owner. As individuals and as a company, we care a lot about our planet and all of its inhabitants. That's why we can proudly say that all our products are made of super sustainable cork leather and 100% manufactured in Europe. To give something back to those in need, FollowPaw will support an animal shelter in need with every purchase made!
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