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Designed with style in mind with our Poppy + Ted branding throughout and signature stylish prints - it was important for us to create and source complimentary palettes and patterns for everyday “human” wear too. So you’ll find sleek black hardware and branding in complete matching sets of Collars, Harnesses and Leads.

But let’s not forget the comfort - for you, and for your dog! The soft, easy washable and hardwearing scuba harnesses feature breathable padded lining and adjustable straps at both the neck and chest so you can really personalise your fit. With a slightly longer body to ensure maximum comfort for even our deep chested Dachshund friends. PLUS it doesn’t stop there - we loved the soft scuba so much we’ve fully lined our Walk + Wear collars as well as the handles of our leads in it too. So that’s extra comfort for the both of you.. did we mention that comfort was key?

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At Poppy + Ted our aim is to create essential, stylish walking accessories such as Collars, Harnesses and Leads. Because who said essential had to mean boring?

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