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Bradford-On-Avon Bradford-On-Avon


Dog walk in Wiltshire

A lovely walk along the river starting at the tythe barn, You can then veer off right where the path splits and follow the walk through many open fields to...

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Cherhill White Horse Cherhill White Horse

Cherhill White Horse

Dog walk in Wiltshire

A strenuous walk with amazing views at the top, Sometimes cows although they are totally used to people if there just ignored, Never seen sheep up here, but someone has...

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Roundway Hill Roundway Hill

Roundway Hill

Dog walk in Wiltshire

A real favorite of mine, Plenty of open space and enormous woodland to explore as well as breath taking views over our lovely county. Fairly remote so company is advised...

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Whitley Whitley


Dog walk in Wiltshire

Starting with a bridal path leading into large fields to run around, small woodland and a place to have a paddle.

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Mill Lane Mill Lane

Mill Lane

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Large open fields to stretch those four legs, direct access to the river for Doggy swimming, Lovely in the summer. Cattle sometimes present so i am told.

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Severn Way, River Severn Severn Way, River Severn

Severn Way, River Severn

Dog walk in Bristol (City of)

A truly gorgeous walk along the banks of the river Severn, Following part of the Severn way. open fields and water with lovely views of the bridge. Only walked here...

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Kellaways Kellaways


Dog walk in Wiltshire

3 large open fields following the river, Nice open space for dogs who need to let off steam, Pretty secure too for recall issues although not 100%, sometimes horses in...

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Charmy Down Charmy Down

Charmy Down

Dog walk in Avon

Lovely open fields plenty of space for the high energy breeds to burn off some steam. Cows are in one field but are fenced off, stick to footpaths.

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Pear Tree Lane, Salisbury Plain Pear Tree Lane, Salisbury Plain

Pear Tree Lane, Salisbury Plain

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Space, space space and more space. Open fields, woodland and more open space. Lovely views. Can walk for miles & miles.Is MOD land so be respectful & vigilant, red flags...

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