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Take the road to Dunwich from Hinton Five Fingers and there are lots of walks on both sides of the road. Ample free parking. Walks are wooded mainly, but there are lots of open bracken-ey areas too. Wild ponies graze in parts, and there are red deer to be seen, too. Dog heaven (and not too bad for humans, too).


Walk features

  • Free Parking
  • Off Lead Areas
  • Picnic Areas
  • Water On Route
  • Wheelchair Friendly


2 Westleton Rd, Saxmundham IP17 3DE, UK

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  • dogsnotwelcome profile
    Dogs are not welcome in Suffolk. Almost everywhere now they are restricted. Dogs have no rights in Suffolk. Do not come here if you want to walk your dog. It is becoming the most dog unfriendly place in England. It is easier to walk your dog in London than in Suffolk. We need a campaign for dogs' rights in Suffolk.
    4 years ago
  • dogsnotwelcome profile
    Go to the few places where you think you can walk your dog, and let them run, and you will find you cannot go there because of birds, or because there are sheep absolutely everywhere, even in places where they never used to be, mostly hidden spots in the forest, or even because they have been reserved for HUSKY (i.e. nasty, aggressive, non native) dogs - but you CANNOT walk traditional types of dogs who need to run - NOWHERE for them to go. Give up and go back to the city because this country is no good for dogs.
    4 years ago
  • rachelini profile
    Sorry to hear that, Dogsnotwelcome. That hasn't been my experience in Suffolk, at all. Yes, the bird reserves such as Minsmere are out of bounds but I have always been able to find ample fabulous places where off lead walking is always permitted, even in the bird nesting season.
    4 years ago
  • tika2015 profile
    We too have found Suffolk to be a good place to walk our dogs, particularly the East coast area. We have walked our dogs here and in Rendlesham Forest and in Tunstall Forest in which there are many places to walk. There seems to be a number of other dog walkers around too (depending on day/time etc).
    3 years ago
  • Reebs profile
    We recently moved to Suffolk from Kent where country Patks and dog exercise place in abundance. We are based in Kessingland and have managed to fine a few all year round beaches but very few parks for dogs except Oulton Broad where a large lovely park. We are going to venture to Dunwich Forest as heard great for dogs... watch this space I will comment on how we found it to be dog friendly or not! Would appreciate any feedback as to places to take our friendly Rottweiller.
    a year ago
  • Humphreypug profile
    Love the photo. Going to check this out this weekend as bringing my dog on his holiday. I like Suffolk and found loads of walks.
    2 months ago
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