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Lovely walk along the Thames, and then through the countryside. There are a couple of Routes you may take along here, the longest involves a steady climb, nothing too strenuous for the average rambler, which takes approx 2hours at a gentle pace, If it has been raining definately bring wellies, as it gets very mucky along the lower banks of the river. There are some lovely local pubs on the first side of the walk however nothing once you walk into the country so freshen up before you venture onwards.

The walk starts by leaving the car park and entering a large open field, walk toward the river, and then follow the pathway along, you will walk through a few gated areas, there may occasionally be cows grazing in the field after the two gates that take you under the green bridge so keep an eye out and lead up if necessary. You will eventually reach a row of houses, keep following the mud path as it takes you in from the river towards a hill. After passing another gateway you will find yourself at the bottom of the hill, if you do not fancy the climb head left and head back on the route running opposite the river. Turn right to take the longer walk.

Keep heading up hill, you will pass a set of gates, and a White House on your left, just after this house there is a small track leading up to the road. Head up this track and walk across to the opposite corner of the road where you will see more gates. Follow the route through the paddocks until you once again come to another road, again cross the road to the next wooden gate slightly off to the left of the cottage you cme out facing. Keep going on the path, it will open up onto a golf course, we walked off lead here but once again lead up if you feel the need to.

Walk in a straight line across the course, you will pass through a little rubble yard and storehouse in the middle, keep going until you reach a muddy path and head over the railway bridge. Once on the other side, follow the track to the right, towards a tiny tree covered area. Follow the path down to the gate where you will come across another carpark. Head left before the hedge line, walking the track that borders the fen line to the remainder of the course. Step down on to the lower trail and follow to the right keeping the stream to your left. You will reach a crossing that takes you back othe carparrk where you started.


Walk features

  • Free Parking
  • Off Lead Areas
  • Animals On Route
  • Water On Route
  • Toilets
  • Refreshments Available


B4447, Cookham, Maidenhead SL6 9SB, UK

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