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Along the country lane which takes you into High Easter is Garnetts Wood. The legend is that this wood was once owned by a knight, which is why you'll find an intricately carved knight statue in the middle of this wood. The website described it as "imposing", but it's only about six feet tall, so it's probably only imposing if you're a small child, or maybe a dog.

Drive down High Easter Road, and keep on going until you see the parking area. The car parking area isn't as clearly marked as it is on Google's Street View any more - someone has removed the sign - but I've attached a screen grab which shows it, and hopefully it'll be obvious even without the sign. It is an unsurfaced car park, so prepare for some potholes and divots in the surface. Located next to the car park is a little picnic area, with a picnic table. We visited in January, but I'd imagine it would be a lovely place for a summery picnic.

Enter the woods through the gate, and choose your path. There's 64 acres here, according to the Woodland Trust, and the paths are set out a bit like a cartwheel, with a large outer rim and paths which take you in towards the middle. There are small streams for a doggy paddle, and a few squirrels to chase. We let our dog off lead for the entire two mile perimeter walk, although we did find our path creeping up close to the road at times, and were tempted to put her back on. If your dog is road savvy, you'll likely be fine.

The paths are clear and obvious, but not paved. Because of this, I've not said that it's wheelchair accessible. There's the odd tree root, and dips in the landscape which would be difficult with a wheelchair. Ditto that sentiment for a pushchair - easier in the summer, not so much fun when the ground is wet and slippy.

There is a dog pooh bin, but not a rubbish bin at this site. It's down to visitors to take their rubbish home, and unfortunately, not everyone had done so. Other than that, it looks well maintained and looked after. We spent an hour exploring, and could probably have spent that time again if the sun hadn't started setting. Plenty to explore here, and a chance for the dogs to indulge their inner wolf for a bit. We'll definitely be back once the weather improves.


Walk features

  • Free Parking
  • Off Lead Areas
  • Picnic Areas
  • Water On Route


OS grid reference TL63491845

Garnetts Wood Trail, Dunmow CM6 1NG, UK

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