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There's a small car park at the end of Hyde Lane. Park here and head over the wooden bridge across the river. There is a ramp on both sides of the bridge and plenty of proper paths on the walk so it's possible to come with buggies or wheelchairs, but not having tried either myself I can't guarantee it - also, the area around the river is often flooded after rain. Once over the bridge, follow the path past the fishing lakes. There are choices which route to take, we usually take the right fork and follow the path next to the river, turning left before the exit onto the road at the other end. Then the path goes around meeting back up with Hyde Lane (not a road any more) just before you reach the railway line (I always put my errant pal back on lead before he has any chance of diving under the crossing gate and heading down the tracks.)

If on wheels, this is where you would turn back and head down Hyde Lane, exploring any paths en route. Otherwise, go through a kissing gate onto the Moor, let the dog(s) off lead again, and pick one of the numerous routes you can take to cross the moor, using the well-marked track up to the left or less taken paths straight on or down to the right. There are sometimes horseriders on the moor. Eventually you'll find a kissing gate into a small copse, and then you come out onto a track that runs between the M25 (all well fenced off and down in a cutting) and fields of horses - not well fenced off - my dog goes back on lead here otherwise he'll be trying to make friends with the horses. Turn left along the footpath just before you get to the farm gate and follow the path along the edge of the field. Good blackberries to be had here in late summer! At the end of the path, you can pause to look at the info-board about the site of a Roman Villa here, then follow the path down a set of steps to the right. You are now alongside one of the lakes again, and when you reach the end of the path turn right to take you back to the bridge leading to the car park.

There are options to extend (see link to flyer) or shorten this walk.


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1 Hyde Ln, Frogmore, St Albans AL2 2LE, UK

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