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Make your way towards Old Knebworth, and just outside the village before you cross the bridge over the motorway, you will see a little electricity board building, about four feet tall with grey doors. It's got a footpath sign beside it, and a track beyond it. Turn into this track and you'll see an area used for parking. This is where you start.

Unload your dogs, and head down the path. You'll come to a brick pillar which says it's a private driveway, but also a public footpath. On the right, there should be farmer's fields. This is the blue route on my map. If you come in the summer, we've seen acres and acres of sweetcorn growing there, and the farmer has respected the footpaths, so that leaves wide paths where you can weave through the tall plants. Dogs can zoom in and out of the plants and disappear. They love it!

You emerge on the south side into another farmer's field, and on the far side of this field is the motorway, so unless your dog is good at walking to heel or returning, you may wish to put them on a lead once you're through. If you've headed west, you'll be parallel to the main path. If the wood is boggy, you may wish to stay on the path anyway. If it's nice, walk around the perimeter of the wood on the path. You'll be able to make out the A1M on your left, but the woods on your right. What a contradiction! Keep walking the perimeter, and you'll find that a resident has let their fruit trees act as a boundary, so you might find a bit of fruit on the ground.

Follow the path down, and you'll go past a remote little cottage. I can never make up my mind whether it's a holiday home or someone's permanent home. Either way, if your dog is an explorer, keep them close in case they disappear into the garden. Past the cottage, the path narrows. Keep following it, and you'll end up in New Wood. Lots of fallen trees to climb and jump over, squirrels to chase and things to sniff. Much like Park Woods, the far perimeter does back on to a road, so you may wish to pop the lead on if you get over that far.

Once you've done a loop of the woods, head back down the path to your car. You'll probably have walked a couple of miles. Your dog will probably have done more!

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Please take care to observe any signs regarding right of way and respect private land.


Walk features

  • Free Parking
  • Off Lead Areas
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Nearest postcode is SG3 6PP - look for the footpath sign and electricity station.

99-103 Park Ln, Knebworth SG3 6PP, UK

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