Hollies Loop, Ashdown Forest

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One of the many walks to be enjoyed on the Ashdown Forest, the 'Hollies Loop' walk takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the terrain and pace! Parking at 'Hollies' car park, head straight with the car park behind you along a wide path that is well used.

The walker will be taken slightly up hill before a long slope downwards. Along this slope you will find a memorial to WWII airmen who died in a place crash on the forest.

Continue down to the stream, a small flowing stream among a few tress. Here you need to head right and start to climb back up hill again, the path remains wide and grassy, usually anyway!

This track loops back to the car park, a simple walk to navigate but an enjoyable one, with usually good terrain and lovely views.

The dogs love this walk as they can just run! That and the added perk of water to splash in and sticks to pick up and chase!


Walk features

  • Free Parking
  • Off Lead Areas
  • Animals On Route
  • Water On Route


Ashdown Forest

Crowborough Rd, Uckfield TN22, UK

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    This is a nice walk but when it has been raining the terrain can get very muddy and difficult on the way back up the hill! Also worth noting is that in the summer there are often cows and sheep grazing here and it's near a riding school so beware of horses!
    6 years ago
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    hi, just want to point out, there might be an error in the description of Hollies Loop: 'Along this slope you will find a memorial to WWII airmen who died in a place crash on the forest.' Shouldn't it be 'who died in a plane crash'. I may be wrong, but just wanted to check.
    3 years ago
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