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Pear Tree Lane, Salisbury Plain Pear Tree Lane, Salisbury Plain

Pear Tree Lane, Salisbury Plain

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Space, space space and more space. Open fields, woodland and more open space. Lovely views. Can walk for miles & miles.Is MOD land so be respectful & vigilant, red flags...

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Great Chalfield Great Chalfield

Great Chalfield

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Lovely loop of open fields, nice walk for those who don’t wish to see many people. Sheep & cows sometimes present.

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Hilperton Hilperton


Dog walk in Wiltshire

Open fields galore. Nothing fancy just open field space for a good stretch of those 4 legs. 4 fields in toatal.

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Erlestoke Woods Erlestoke Woods

Erlestoke Woods

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Amazing open space for those dogs who really need to let off steam, pretty Woods & open fields, no grazing animals. You do meet the odd horse & rider but...

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Beckhampton Gallops Beckhampton Gallops

Beckhampton Gallops

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Private land no footpath! But the owner allows dog walkers after 12.30pm prohibited 🚫 before as racehorses are excercised. Beautiful countryside open fields cut grass a dogs paradise really. Plenty...

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Badminton Gardens Badminton Gardens

Badminton Gardens

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Beautiful walk with plenty of space and ponds for those who like to have a paddle, avoid eventing days goes without saying & the Beaufort hunt do exercise there hounds...

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Castle Combe Castle Combe

Castle Combe

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Can make this walk range from 5 - 6 miles Quite challenging in parts but beautiful countryside views and scenery, also takes you through Castle Combe Village. Occasionally there may...

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The Avenue The Avenue

The Avenue

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Large open fields to walk in, takes almost an hour to walk to one end and back again. If you don't mind a little road walking, you can do a...

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Lacock Abbey Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey

Dog walk in Wiltshire

Lovely, lovely walk with fields and water access.. beautiful surroundings

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Southwick Country Park Southwick Country Park

Southwick Country Park

Dog walk in Wiltshire

This is a popular country park with dog walkers, families and locals. There are a series of several fields crossed by a river and a pond which is popular with...

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