Druids Altar Above St Ives

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Park on Altar Lane & walk along the road turning right. You can release your dog straight away, but look out for horses because this is a popular bridleway. A short way along there is a gate through the wall on your left - go through this where no horses are allowed. You are now in the St Ives estate. Follow the path along the wall (parallell to the bridlepath) if you want to go to the Altar, or walk down the hill to St Ives. The St Ives path runs alongside the golf course & there are places that your dog could get through. The path is steep & muddy in parts.

If you decide to go to the altar, walk alongside the wall until you get to the next gate. Go through the gate & walk up the path opposite. You may want to put your dog on the lead as the altar rock is over a steep slope. We walked here in winter & it's very Muddy.


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Between Keighley & Harden

17 Keighley Rd, Harden, Bingley BD16 1JT, UK

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