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The best one out there!! Let us tell you why...
The sustainable FollowPaw Collar is made from eco-friendly cork leather and exists in 4 sizes!

Compatible with AirTag — Our collar secures the AirTag in a specialized, anti-slip pocket so it can’t fall out when your dog runs, shakes, or spins. Combined with Apple technology, the FollowPaw collar will give you the best chance to locate your best friend in the event that the two of you become separated.

Built to last — Our combination of sustainable Cork Leather and the Fidlock V-Buckle is no accident! Though your collar is soft to the touch, it’s durable, rugged, and ready for adventure. Whether you’re walking down the street or heading for the great outdoors, you can rest assured that FollowPaw products will go the distance.

Made with love for your best friend — All FollowPaw products are carefully designed to look and feel great. Our collar is built from the ground up with AirTag tracking and safety features in mind so that you can take advantage of the latest and greatest Apple technology to keep your best friend safe.

Manufactured from sustainable cork — At FollowPaw, we thrive on sustainability. The cork we use is harvested by experienced, local experts using methods that allow the material to regrow over time.

From Europe (with love) — As a company, we value production that stays close to home. All FollowPaw products are made in Portugal using locally sourced labor and materials.

Eco-friendly production — Every product we make is designed with the environment in mind. We are continually looking for new materials, better product processes, shorter transportation routes, and new ways to recycle and reuse materials.

Designed with purpose — We create products that reflect our company principles and values. Everything we create needs to fill a need for ourselves, our customers, and the community at large.
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FollowPaw is the dog accessory brand for tech-savvy dog lovers. We make dog collars that are compatible with Apple AirTags. A must-have for dog owner. As individuals and as a company, we care a lot about our planet and all of its inhabitants. That's why we can proudly say that all our products are made of super sustainable cork leather and 100% manufactured in Europe. To give something back to those in need, FollowPaw will support an animal shelter in need with every purchase made!
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