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New: Suggest an edit and nature reserves

By walkiees on 20th January 2024

New: Suggest an edit and nature reserves

Suggest an edit

All the dog walks on Walkiees are generously shared by our members. While we strive to validate as much information as we can, occasional amendments are necessary to ensure the information remains current.

Now, it's simpler than ever to share updated information with us. If you come across a walk description or location that requires updating, just click the "Suggest an edit" button.

You'll be directed to a straightforward form where you can provide us with the updated information directly.

New: Suggest an edit and nature reserves

Nature reserves

We always encourage responsible dog walking at Walkiees, and although we trust our community to be thoughtful and careful, there are times when providing extra information becomes necessary, especially for walks in nature reserves.

If a walk is associated with or takes place in a nature reserve, we will include an additional note on the walk page to enhance awareness.

When adding a walk, you now have the option to specify if it is located in a nature reserve.

Furthermore, the 'Suggest an edit' feature allows you to inform us if you believe a walk is within a nature reserve but has not been labeled as such yet.