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Dog walks in Cumbria

Looking to discover dog walks in or near Cumbria? Check out our list of 7 dog walks in Cumbria. Walkiees lets you view, save and review 1000+ dog walks near you and across the UK.
Dog walk at Holcombe Hill

Penrith, Eamont Bridge

Holcombe Hill

Hilly·Dog walk

5.5 miles away
Dog walk at Tarn Hows


Tarn Hows

Hilly, Flat, Forest·Dog walk

15.9 miles away
Dog walk at Gummers How


Gummers How

Hilly·Dog walk

21.2 miles away
Dog walk at Rickerby Park


Rickerby Park

Flat, Park·Dog walk

23.1 miles away
Dog walk at Kingmoor  Nature Reserves


Kingmoor Nature Reserves

Flat, Forest·Dog walk

23.7 miles away
Dog walk at Lower Gelt


Lower Gelt

Hilly·Dog walk

24.1 miles away
Dog walk at Talkin Tarn


Talkin Tarn

Flat, Park·Dog walk

24.2 miles away

·Dog walk

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